49: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 – Ep. 4 ~ Jersey Justice

**Episode Discussion Starts at 19:18**

It’s SCORPIO SEASON (IDK but maybe??).

Our beautiful, smart and funny friend Jordan McMillan steps in as guest co-host while Tiffany is away. We start with astrology and charts and move then move into the episode! Jordan and Tom speculate why they’re keeping Valentina’s work room ensemble announcements in the episode. Tom struggles to be excited. Both hosts really love what Manila is putting this episode. Trinity the tuck is Jordan’s dream girl.

Chani Nicholas’ Insta – https://www.instagram.com/chaninicholas/

48: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 – Ep. 3 ~ Snatch Game of Love

SORRY ABOUT THE COUGHING. I did buy Mucinex (notspon)

Ooh girl, our snatches get TWISTED in this episode. Tiffany and Tom discuss the new Snatch Game format. Discuss the complexity of the top two’s performances and how they could be viewed in many different lights. Tom says it’s BOOTS on the runway, if you catch his drift. Tiffany has written off yet another RPDR contestant to never be spoken of again.

40: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 – Ep. 3


Tom gushes over meeting Kameron Michaels for the first 16 minutes. Tiffany would sacrifice looks for quality TV, Tom wouldn’t. Both agree this may be the worst challenge in Drag Race herstory.

Lola LeCroix – https://bit.ly/2zHOdhD
Shari Turner – https://bit.ly/2Df3bzi
Alora Chateaux – https://bit.ly/2qGo2ny
Sasha Nolan – https://bit.ly/2qFiXfm
Phoenix Fatale – https://bit.ly/2T2yoLh